Drink-flyers: birds take their fill of fermented berries

"It appears that some birds are getting a little more "tipsy" than normal", the statement read.

After receiving "several" reports of weird bird behavior, the Gilbert Police Department took to Facebook to issue a public notice about why the birds appear "under the influence".

The chief explained that the city experienced an early frost this year, expediting the fermenting process in berries, which produces alcohol. The young folks, unable to handle the toxins, are especially affected, police warned.

Birds in a Minnesota town have flown into windows and cars, likely because they are "tipsy" from fermented berries, local police said.

Police did, however, offer up a list of hilarious circumstances where residents should call police.

It's avian anarchy. The local birds of Gilbert, Minnesota, have been getting so drunk that the town's police department had to release a statement about the spring-break-esque behavior. The answer was bizarrely familiar: the birds were flying under the influence.

The birds are said to be 'confused'. File pic
Image The birds are said to be 'confused'. File pic

"The look that says, "Look man, just turn off the lights and leave (bleep) me alone". One woman recalled having to put her foot to the brakes when a bird collided with her windshield, while another commenter said she noticed three dead birds lying on her deck. The birds go from bush to bush trying to find more berries, their balance getting progressively worse.

Somebody needs to cut off the birds of Gilbert, Minnesota, because they're all drunk.

The Washington Post reports that the incident in Gilbert is not an isolated one. Woodstock pushing Snoopy off a dog house for no apparent reason.

Bird expert Matthew Dodder told The Post that the birds would be "flying kind of erratically".

If you think you're surrounded by boozed-up birds, the Audubon Society suggests putting decals on large windows and other reflective surfaces to prevent them from crashing. Berry fermentation is the answer. "We will hold them in captivity until they sober up and then set them free".

Vanessa Coleman