DRAGON BALL FighterZ gets a story trailer

Today's trailer is fresh off the reveal of two more characters joining the title, as Super Saiyan Blue Goku and Vegeta are both slated to make an appearance as well. In addition, it will be out for PlayStation 4 and XBox One consoles as well as PC.

Watch the footage below. Rather than retelling the events of the series, Dragon Ball FighterZ features an original "forbidden" storyline that imagines Android 16 being revived to battle Goku and friends.

So yeah...count us in for Dragon Ball FighterZ.

Android 16 and Android 18 are now officially confirmed as fighters in the game, with the unfortunate Android 17 being reduced to only appearing for special fighting moves performed by Android 18. Signups are available here for PS4 owners and through the Xbox Insider program for Xbox One players. What is happening? The Party Match is also revealed with the new asset batch of the day. The battle mode allows for six players to fight on a stage with one character, allowing for a 3vs3 battle. Scroll on down for more information about the game's closed beta...

As for the Closed Beta, Xbox One and PS4 players can now finally register for the closed beta which is scheduled for September 16 and 17. The studio is known for its involvement in the development of various 2D anime video games. Going off of Arc System Works' track record, this isn't a game that Dragon Ball fans will want to miss out on.

Vanessa Coleman