Donald Trump blasts Mitch McConnell, Alabama Senate candidates slow to defend

Trump scorned Brooks this week when he threw an endorsement to one of the congressman's opponents, Luther Strange, the temporarily-appointed senator for Sessions' seat, who boasts the support of the Senate Majority Leader. "But I won't say anything bad out him ... So, can I count on you to take some time over the next couple of days to stop by your neighbors and ask them to support our campaign on Tuesday?"

"Looking toward a runoff we see a Strange/Moore runoff (advantage Moore) dividing the Brooks vote with the large anti-establishment share supporting Moore", Cahaly said. "Sen. Strange was loyal to President Trump, and vice versa".

The Trump team's late political maneuver will please McConnell, who has been the target of the president's ire all week after he said Trump had "excessive expectations" for legislating.

President Trump and Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, R-Ky., are backing GOP Sen. And Trump has been haranguing McConnell on twitter for failing to pass Obamacare repeal.

A number of conservative groups - including the Senate Conservatives Fund and the Madison Project - and commentators such as Sean Hannity and Mark Levin have tossed their support behind Mr. Brooks.

Odd was appointed to the seat earlier this year by then-Gov.

But now the president, too, might be part of the "problem" - a revelation that has been hard for some of his loyal backers to stomach.

Odd then appears on screen to praise Trump and cite his other endorsement from the NRA.

But some Alabama Republicans believe the president had little to lose by endorsing odd in the race.

Odd later admitted "he's frustrated like I am, and this is no secret", but stop short of suggesting the Senate GOP leadership needed to change. "And after this race, people will forget about it, just like a lot of tweets he's done in the past four, five or six months".

"I think this hurts Donald Trump more than it helps Luther Strange, honestly", Henry said on Jackson's show.

As for Moore, the candidate is trying to stay above the fray between Trump and McConnell, saying the fight is "between them".

Vanessa Coleman