Distribution Agreement Extended by Horse Racing Ireland

It has recently been announced by Horse Racing Ireland along with the Association of Irish Racecourses and Satellite Information Services that the current contract for the distribution of live pictures and data is to be extended. This is in relation to distribution to licensed betting shops in Ireland and the UK as well as on an international basis.

According to the report, the extension means that live pictures and information relating to Irish horseracing can now continue up until 2023, with the extension covering five years. Satellite Information Services has also obtained exclusive sole rights to stream Irish horse racing to operators online internationally as well as the distribution of direct to home pictures from 2017.

A long term relationship with bookies

The news of the extension comes as good news for bookies as well as for horseracing fans in Ireland, England and worldwide. According to Horse Racing Ireland, the agreement that is now in force will enable the industry to form stronger and more efficient relationships with bookies such as Betway, where fans are able to place bets on a wide range of racing events as they’re all covered at Betway. Officials also said that there would be a significant reduction of ‘leakage’ when it came to the value between bookies and racecourse owners.

As a result of the agreement, racecourses will be able to look forward to increased income while bookmakers will benefit from not having to pay anymore than they do at the moment. Gary Smith from Satellite Information Services said that the agreement provided enhanced continuity as well as improving what SIS could offer to customers. He said that it meant that bookmakers in Ireland and the UK as well as globally would now have easy access to Irish horseracing.

There are certain conditions attached to the agreement, and this includes endorsement from the Board of Directors at Horse Racing Ireland. As part of the agreement, SIS will continue to offer Irish horseracing as part of its main package for bookies and there will be 355 fixtures available for major bookies to include when it comes to their in-house channels.

At present, bookies use the SIS FACTS channel for pictures and information relating to Irish horseracing. However, they will now be able to access this via a specially produced channel from SIS, with the addition of in-running data capture at Irish racecourses to help make the betting experience more exciting for fans. 

Vanessa Coleman