Disney Halts Production On Jack and the Beanstalk Movie Gigantic

Disney has officially axed their Jack and the Beanstalk adaptation enormous following a handful of "creative hurdles".

Both Disney Animation and Pixar have grown leaps and bounds since then, with Ed Catmull serving as the animation studio's president and John Lasseter as its chief creative officer.

With animation being such a painstakingly detailed process, Disney's upcoming releases - including Ralph Breaks the Internet: Wreck-It Ralph 2 and Frozen 2 - have been in the works for years. This is where their then-upcoming feature huge comes in, which we are sad to report has been canceled. The updated spin on the classic fairy tale would have found Jack befriending a female giant and was being developed with Tangled helmer Nathan Greno and Inside Out co-writer Meg LeFauve on board to co-direct.

Although Disney had initially confirmed the film for a November 25, 2020 release, The Hollywood Reporter says that the studio ran into too many creative obstacles, and enormous will be shelved for the foreseeable future.

With Gigantic no longer in active development at Disney, the studio will move ahead on another project to fill the 2020 release date formerly held by animated film.

Instead of "Gigantic", the studio is focusing on another project which is now being tabled for Thanksgiving 2020. Details surrounding the new project are sparse for the time being; however, according to Catmull, it has been in development for some time and we can expect news "soon".

Are you disappointed with the cancellation of very big? Enormous also was to feature songs by the Oscar-winning duo behind Frozen, Kristen Anderson-Lopez and Robert Lopez.

Vanessa Coleman