Did Big Sean Cheat on Jhene Aiko? Singer Calls It "Fan Fiction"

"I still love you tho", before Sean then retweeted it.

Aiko and Big Sean's relationship has been tabloid fodder after she got a portrait of Big Sean's arm on her forearm in October, days after her divorce from Dot was finalized.

Aiko's actions may have sparked the fan theories about the rapper's alleged cheating, due to Aiko being on tour in Pacific Asia, and apparent sightings of Big Sean following dancer and singer Nicole Scherzinger on Instagram. "It's a whole other reality". According to the reports, no phones were allowed at the exclusive industry event, but the source claims that Sean and Scherzinger looked incredibly cozy together, nearly as if they were dating. "They looked like they were a couple", claims the source, before adding that Jhené was "pissed" over the situation.

Relax, everyone! Big Sean and Jhene Aiko are still together despite those cheating rumors. Fans felt that what supposedly happened to Aiko was the just the universe's way of paying her back for what she did to her ex-husband. People were livid with Big Sean. Aiko took to her Twitter account early Tuesday morning (Mar. 13) to diffuse the situation, by vehemently denying the reports going around in a series of tweets. Social media users conducted their own investigations to find out whether the rumor was true, and lo and behold, Jhene was no longer following Big Sean on Instagram. According to their tweets, the couple declares that the rumors are false and that they are still very much still together.

Vanessa Coleman