Demi Lovato Gushes Over First Love Joe Jonas

In an episode of Demi's new documentary series called Simply Complicated, the 25-year-old watches back clips of her old movies when a clip of Joe playing guitar in Camp Rock comes on.

It was the scene where Lovato's character approaches Jonas outside, and from the video, it's kind of obvious that reviewing the moment brought back a lot of memories.

When she gets to the clip of her character, Mitchie, approaching Joe's character, Shane, by the lake, she exclaims, "Oh my god, wait - this moment, I freakin' fell in love with him". "Did you have a crush on him this whole time?" her friend Matthew asks. "One thing I'll never stop doing is being honest and that's the best I can do", Demi revealed. "In real life!" Scott compliments her acting, but Lovato admits, "I wasn't acting much".

Reuters/Danny MoloshokDemi Lovato bares all her demons in her upcoming YouTube documentary.

Demi also shared that "Simply Complicated" is actually a sequel to her documentary in 2012, titled "Stay Strong".

Demi Lovato: Simply Complicated will premiere on YouTube October 17.

Nick Jonas alongside the singers other close friends speak out in the documentary, with Nick focusing on the 2010 incident when Demi punched one of her dancers in the face and gave them a black eye.

Anyway, the movie was so fantastic because the music was incredible, it starred The Jonas Brothers in their prime, and Demi Lovato and Joe Jonas' chemistry as Mitchie and Shane was SO PERFECT.

Vanessa Coleman