Delta Flight Forced to Make Emergency Landing for Bathroom Break

For fliers from NY to Seattle, the 6-hour flight was too long as pressure started mounting and a plane had to make an unscheduled potty break.

On Dec. 2, a Delta Air Lines flight from NY to Seattle was forced to divert hundreds of miles for an emergency bathroom break in Billings, Mont., because of problems with the plane's toilets, according to the Aviation Herald, which reports flight and aviation incidents worldwide.

"All toilets were full and passengers needed to 'go really bad, ' " the report states.

Delta Flight 453, a Boeing 747 that departed on Saturday from New York's John F. Kennedy International Airport, was diverted to Billings while en route to Seattle after the plane's toilets stopped functioning during the approximately six-hour flight.

The Delta fliers needed to relieve "built-up pressures" after the plane's bathrooms stopped working.

Passengers were allowed to get back on the plane and continue on their way once the toilets were fixed and the plane was refueled, Kevin Ploehn, the Billings director of aviation and transit, told the paper.

"I've heard of flights getting diverted. because toilets overflowed and that blue water was rolling down the aisle", Ploehn said. "That can't be very pleasant". After 30 minutes, the flight landing at the Billings Airport but there was no gate for them to pull into. The plane arrived in Seattle three and a half hours after they were scheduled to arrive.

Vanessa Coleman