Defence minister condemns harassment of Pakistani diplomats in India

This video was shot by the Pakistani diplomat in the vehicle.

Children of a Pakistani diplomat were subjected to harassment in the second incident as the vehicle they were travelling in was intercepted on a busy highway of the Indian capital.

Indian High Commissioner Ajit Bisaria on February 16 complained to Pakistan Foreign Secretary against multiple incidents of "hooliganism" against Indian personnel and their properties.

Pakistan also accused the Indian officials of intimidating the children of a senior diplomat while they were on their way to school.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs on Wednesday summoned Indian Deputy High Commissioner JP Singh to protest harassment of the officials of Pakistani High Commission in New Delhi. Pakistan High Commission again raised the issue with the MEA.

He demanded that the Indian government take concrete steps to ensure safety and security of Pakistani officials and their families. The Pakistan High Commission has lodged protests at least five times, and each of the incidents have been reported to the Ministry of External Affairs.

Islamabad also went on to list some of these events, including the one that, it said, took place on Tuesday in which the auto carrying the school-going children of a Counselor, who were returning from school, was followed by unknown persons on cars and motorcycles.

The provincial governor talked to the visiting delegation of foreign diplomats undergoing training at Foreign Service Academy in Islamabad quite appropriately and appreciably highlighted different aspects of foreign policy and its desire to live in peaceful co-existence with all countries particularly India and Afghanistan and hopefully have a better understanding in this regard now.

In another note, it said that the vehicle was hit from behind by another auto with Indian authorities on board.

On Monday, March 12, Pakistan's ISI raided a residential complex for Indian diplomats in Islamabad. The video, shot by the diplomat, was aired on several Pakistani television news channels.

Tensions between the nuclear-armed neighbours have been high for months, with India taking Pakistan to the International Court of Justice past year, alleging mistreatment of Kulbhashan Jadhev, an Indian citizen convicted by a Pakistani military court for spying and orchestrating attacks on Pakistani soil.

Asad Hashim is Al Jazeera's Web Correspondent in Pakistan.

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