DC Comics editor fired after BuzzFeed report exposes multiple sexual assault complaints

Eddie Berganza, a high-ranking editor at DC Comics, was sacked Monday following a BuzzFeed News report detailing years of sexual harassment allegations against him. Despite the allegations being an open secret, he rose through the ranks at DC to become the company's executive editor in 2010. He was demoted two years later to story editor after allegations that he forcibly kissed a woman at WonderCon surfaced in aBleeding Cool article.

Berganza was the top editor for some of DC's major comic titles and had daily interaction with writers, artists, and other editors. And like the comedian, the cultural shock wave launched by the Harvey Weinstein scandal has rocked his career. On Saturday, one day after BuzzFeed News' report, DC announced it was suspending Berganza and launching a review into the matter. "But as a fan and supporter, I expect them and Warner Bros to do the right thing and fire Eddie Berganza".

The people who spoke out have a point.

The BuzzFeed piece detailed allegations in which Liz Gehrlein Marsham, then new DC employee, said Berganza kissed and groped her at a NY bar called McGee's that was frequented by DC employees.

While Berganza's name was initially kept away from the article, the site corroborated his identity in a later article.

A promotional image of DC Comics villains and superheroes. But for many, many comic book creators and fans, that wasn't almost enough. Berganza, who was up for a promotion to executive editor at the time, received that promotion anyway. But for the victims, as well as the larger crowd of women who are noted to have avoided work at DC because of the well-known threat of Berganza, this will hopefully be a fresh start.

Berganza had worked with DC since the early 1990s.

DC editor Liz Gehrlein Marsham went on record saying that Berganza tried to grope her and frequently kissed her and invaded her space when she was a young editor at the company.

Warner Bros. and its DC Entertainment brand reached out to Buzzfeed to say the firing of Berganza is an example that the company is, "committed to eradication harassment".

Several former and current DC employees BuzzFeed spoke with insist Berganza has fully reformed and repented.

Vanessa Coleman