Darwin Project Has Now Gone Free-to-Play on Xbox One

This isn't a time-restricted trial or light version of the game missing modes either; the full Darwin Project experience is now free to download.

Microsoft is rolling out an update for Xbox users that includes a feature called FastStart, which is created to get users playing games more quickly once they buy them - up to two times as fast as they have been up to this point.

According to Microsoft, games that utilize the feature will half the amount of time it takes from when a download begins to the moment you're actually able to play it.

This feature is now enabled for English-language titles in the Xbox Game Pass catalog, and Microsoft plans to expand it to "more games in more languages over time", Hryb wrote.

This month's update introduces a variety of features and enhancements, such as FastStart for select titles, new Mixer options, Pins enhancement with Groups, new search options and more.

The two big caveats here, though, are that games need to be FastStart-enabled by Microsoft and you'll need a download speed of around 20Mbps. There's also a mechanic that allows you to track other players in order to hunt them down and take them out.

Announced at E3 2018, FastStart is part of Microsoft's July platform update that brings a number of small - but impactful - updates to the console.

Darwin Project is available to download on Xbox One for free via the Xbox Store now. "Second, we've added multi-touch support for touch-enabled devices".

New leaderboards will show which viewers who have contributed to a streamer's channel the most.

One of the new features is FastStart, which lets you start playing twice as fast as before. Mixer's also been given some attention, with full mouse and keyboard support for PC users and Share Controller key bindings now at your disposal.

Vanessa Coleman