Cowboys WR Lucky Whitehead house broken into, dog held for ransom

According to the above post on Instagram, Whitehead also states the people that stole his dog have called asking for ransoms in return for Blitz.

Whitehead announced on his Instagram account that somebody has taken Blitz from him after a break-in occurred at a friend's house.

Whitehead's friend was watching the house when the break-in took place, he said. "It's sickening", Whitehead said of Blitz, who has been in the National Football League player's possession for nine weeks.

He said the man calling from the unknown phone number asked: "How much is the dog mean to you?" and said if he wanted his dog returned, "you got to cut a check".

Whitehead said he got a phone call demanding money for Blitz's return, and Whitehead replied that he would pay the money, "I just gotta make sure my dog is OK, we'll meet".

"It's killing me. It hurts because I don't know how he's being treated".

Whitehead told Doney that he believes it was an "inside job".

I can't imagine the stress Whitehead is dealing with as this jackass thief blackmails him into seeing his pup.

Whitehead told KXAS-TV he had Blitz for nine weeks and "pretty much went everywhere together" and "hang out all the time". "I just want the dog back", Whitehead said. "He was like cool, 'I'll call you back...' he never called back and it's been a waiting game".

In hopes of helping Whitehead find his dog, here are a bunch of cute pictures from Blitz's Instagram.

Vanessa Coleman