County officials to vote to repeal Chicago-area soda tax

Cook County in IL, which comprises Chicago and many of its inner suburbs, has repealed its four-month-old tax on sugary soft drinks, known locally as the pop tax.

Low-tax advocates cheered the decision as a blow to the "nanny-state crusade".

The county, which includes Chicago and its suburbs, was the sixth US municipality to tax sweetened drinks.

"If there is one city America's tax and spenders should be able muscle through the latest tax fad, it would be Chicago". Preckwinkle has said there could be an 11 percent budget cut resulting in layoffs with repeal of the tax.

Wednesday's vote would nix the soda tax - which only recently went into effect - by December. The tax went into effect on August 2, and has faced public backlash fueled by a repeal campaign funded by the American Beverage Association.

"Nothing good has come from Cook County's beverage tax".

Supporters of the movement which involve many top public health groups former New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg have promoted the taxes as a symbol to combat obesity while also erecting earnings for confined administration.

Preckwinkle said tax fatigue was part of the problem.

Opponents of the tax said that it violated IL law as it did not apply evenly to all beverages.

Some retailers opposed to the tax posted signs telling customers they will pay $1.44 more on each 12-pack of soda because of the tax, and urging them to tell their county commissioner to repeal it.

Revenue was a factor.

When the tax originally passed, eight commissioners voted for it and eight voted against it, with Preckwinkle casting the tiebreaking vote to pass the measure.

Vanessa Coleman