Cosmo DiNardo Admits to Killing Four Missing Bucks Men

Still, other uncertainties swirled around the case even after Dinardo's confession, including whether anyone else participated in the slayings. Even as the investigation stretched on for days, centering on a farm not far from the Delaware River, the Bucks County district attorney said he clung to hope that the men would be found alive.

Dinardo would later tell police he had a Smith and Wesson.357 revolver. DiNardo then drove Meo and Sturgis to an adjacent property where Kratz was waiting, according to the court documents. Kratz, 20, faces 20 charges, including three of criminal homicide.

The victims were discovered buried on the sprawling property owned by Dinardo's parents in Solebury Township, according to a statement from the district attorney's office.

DiNardo is named a person of interest in the men's disappearances.

As CrimeOnline previously reported, Cosmo DiNardo confessed to the quadruple homicide on Thursday and indicated there was another person involved. Aerial footage shows teams searching under a large tent, and Weintraub has said they are enduring stifling heat as they painstakingly search the property. "I don't know what went wrong with the kid".

In exchange for DiNardo's cooperation, Lang said, prosecutors were taking the death penalty off the table.

Dinardo and Kratz are cousins, the criminal complaint states.

The next day, Kratz and DiNardo returned to the scene to bury the three men in 12 ½-foot deep holes.

From left: Jimi Patrick, Thomas Meo, Dean Finocchiaro, and Mark Sturgis.

Eric Beitz, who said he had hung out with DiNardo, told that DiNardo routinely sold guns and had talked "about weird things like killing people and having people killed".

On July 5, he said he agreed to sell Jimi Taro Patrick, one of the four missing men, 4 pounds of marijuana for $8,000.

They brought Finnochiaro to the woods near DiNardo's home where Kratz shot him in the head using Kratz's mother's Smith and Wesson 357 handgun.

DiNardo also allegedly shot Finocchiaro but claims he was already dead. DiNardo told investigators he had a "deal" set up with Meo. Sturgis told his father he was going to meet up with Meo, his family told police.

DiNardo told police he then ran over Meo's body with a backhoe, before he and Kratz put the bodies in the metal tank with Finocchiaro. The suspects removed Finocchairo's body with a backhoe and threw him in what they called the "pig roaster", officials said.

DiNardo hid the two bodies in the same tank where he dumped Finnochario, poured gasoline into the tank and lit it on fire before the cousins took off.

A motive for the murders is not yet clear.

DiNardo's parents, Antonio and Sandra DiNardo, own the farm in upper Bucks County, a bucolic area with rolling hillsides, new housing developments and historic sites.

DiNardo is arrested on a charge stemming from illegally possessing a shotgun and ammunition in February.

The Bucks County District Attorney's Office had no response to the lawyer's comments Thursday night. Detectives from Bucks County also searched a property on Susquehanna Road in Upper Dublin linked to Kratz.

Mr. Harran said DiNardo had been sent involuntarily to a mental hospital last summer, at the request of a family member, but said he did not know the details, or how long he was held there.

Vanessa Coleman