Cops tow away vehicle as lady breast-feeds her baby

According to reports, the incident is said to have occurred around 5.30pm local time (12pm GMT) on Friday when the police said they found the auto parked in a no-parking zone.

Rakhi Mali, the woman who was inside the vehicle, told the newspaper: "My husband requested the traffic cop to take the fine amount and release our auto".

National Commission for Women (NCW) also took cognizance of the video with its chairperson Rekha Sharma demanding strict action should against the policeman. Nevertheless, it proves that the cops did try to persuade the woman to step outside and that the situation could have been averted if the owners of the vehicle had complied with police instructions.

The woman identified as Jyoti Male said that she was not even asked to alight from the vehicle and traffic constable Shashank Rane started towing the auto while she was breastfeeding, turning a deaf ear to her pleas. What guarantee is that you are Shashank Rane? When they refuse to entertain him and attach the towing mechanism to the vehicle, he asks his wife to sit inside with their child. The Deputy Commissioner of Police, Traffic (Suburb) Sanjay Jadhav has been asked to probe the matter.

Rane, who also flouted norms by not wearing a nameplate on his uniform, may face a departmental action after a detailed report about the incident is filed. Rakhi told TOI that the towing agent was about to tow the vehicle when they arrived with their seven-month-old son.

Local reports also claimed the woman alleged the traffic cops did not tow away the vehicles parked there. "We later paid the fine at the police chowky". "I told him that my husband, Jairaj, was suffering from high fever and we had gone for medical tests", she added.

Reports say the policeman made a decision to tow away the vehicle due to illegal parking.

"I was watching the scene...suddenly this woman sat in the auto and started arguing". The video shows that the baby was with a man, not with Jyoti when the vehicle was not moving. "Don't tow my vehicle".

A video sparked outrage among Indian social media users as well as human rights activists. The infant was also outside the auto when officials were pleading her to vacate it and feed the child in a police vehicle instead.

Vanessa Coleman