Conflicting Reports Emerge About Subpoena for Deutsche Bank in Trump-Russia Investigation

Special counsel Robert Mueller has reportedly forced a German bank to hand over documents on its relationship with President Donald Trump and members of his family.

But on Tuesday, reports suggested Mueller might be doing exactly that.

Funds were spent on personnel, travel and office space, the Justice Department said.

The news caused major buzz, as Mueller looking at Trump's financial records, or those of Trump's family, was considered a "red line" to the president, and one not related to Mueller's investigation into alleged Russian hacking during the 2016 presidential campaign.

Mueller's investigation has already charged four individuals with criminal wrongdoing.

It's hard to make comparisons to other investigations led by specially designated prosecutors or to draw conclusions about how much Mueller will ultimately spend. The special counsel has hired a small army of attorneys - 17 - to work the investigation.

Another $733,969 was spent on equipment, but the report does not provide details. The independent counsel spent more than $60 million over the course of that six-year inquiry into then-President Bill Clinton. Starr's sprawling investigation, which led the House to impeach Clinton for perjury, contributed to Congress letting a law that gave special investigators wide independence expire in 1999.

It is likely that Mueller's investigation could last for years, according to an analysis of previous special counsel probes conducted by the data analysis website FiveThirtyEight.

Trump has also said that it would be a "violation" if Mueller went into his family's finances instead of focusing directly on the mechanisms of influencing the election, part of suggestions that he could fire the former Federal Bureau of Investigation director.

During his election campaign, Mr Trump said he would seek to improve ties with Russian President Vladimir Putin, which were strained during former president Barack Obama's administration.

Between outright denials of alleged collusion, open criticism of the FBI's reputation and the recent confession of his former national security adviser, Trump only heightened suspicions around him, especially with regard to his relations with Russian businessmen.

Vanessa Coleman