Columbus' Columbus Day: From AmeriFlora '92 to its cancellation

While thousands of people are celebrating Columbus Day on Monday, more and more people and cities are refusing to observe the holiday - including Columbus, Ohio.

The Los Angeles City Council voted a year ago to eliminate Columbus Day as an official city holiday and replace it with the new holiday on the second Monday in October. Columbus Day is an important federal holiday for many Italian-Americans of the baby boomer generation, and I understand why: Many of them remember a time when their grandparents were considered outsiders in this country and faced violence and oppression as a result.

The Bloomington Mayor's Office will proclaim October 8 Indigenous Peoples' Day on the day nationally recognized as Columbus Day. For some, it has turned to focus on the indigenous genocide that ensued after his arrival.

In September he introduced a resolution in the House calling Columbus a "true hero", echoing an op-ed he co-wrote for the New York Daily News previous year with another Italian-American, Republican Rep.

"We're proud to say that we're American Italians". This is the first time the city will recognize Veterans Day as a city holiday in which municipal officers are closed. As an Italian American it feels good that there is an official holiday that is nominally about us.

A warm, sunny afternoon drew dozens of people to the corner of North Main and West College streets in Tappan Square on Monday to celebrate Indigenous Peoples Day.

The mayor's office announced the decision in a brief, unceremonious news release Friday, avoiding the politics that have traditionally accompanied changes to the controversial federal holiday in other cities.

He praised the "historic achievement" of Columbus and his men discovering the Americas, beginning the "Age of Discovery". "Historical facts prove that the legacy of Christopher Columbus is based on misinformation and outright lie", Arizona State University assistant professor of American Indian studies Leo Killsback wrote in a university news article. But I can say that he represents a great deal of suffering for us Native Americans. Now, for 2018, the groups say they will "once again will be rethinking Columbus Day with a focus on Indigenous people, their lovely cultures and traditions". The organizers of the celebration actually expanded the event and now add people to the Columbus Day hall of fame.

Where is the 2018 Indigenous Peoples Day Celebration?

Joseph Contino, board member of the Columbus Italian Festival, told the Associated Press. His backers celebrate his place in history, and his Italian heritage.

Vanessa Coleman