Colourless coffee has arrived to keep you awake without staining your teeth

Staffers at a United Kingdom magazine tried it and one said it tasted like the water used to wash out the pot of coffee the next day.

Invented by the genius brothers David and Adam Nagy, aka owners of the clear coffee company CLR CFF (get it?), coffee that looks like water is officially a thing.

Would you drink your coffee if it's not, well, coffee-colored?

But make no mistake, CLR CFF packs a caffeinated punch in a unusual, colourless form. People have always taken their Java brown, but it has created a problem of staining the teeth - a problem the two brothers have noted and the reason why they concocted the coffee. Made from Arabica beans and pure water, it's produced "by methods which have never been used before", which apparently creates a drink that's truly "unique in taste and flavor".

"We are heavy coffee drinkers".

Normally, the only clear liquids I enjoy are water and vodka, but I'm down to try some Clear Coffee. "There was nothing on the market that would suit our needs so we made a decision to create our own recipe", said David Nagy. "Our product does not contain preservatives, artificial flavours, stabilizers, sugar or any other sweeteners". "In fact, it's very drinkable", however, one taster suggested it has "the aftertaste of cheap wine", and suggests it would go well with a "splash of rum".

Vanessa Coleman