Clinton Says She May Challenge Trump's Election Win

CNN's Brian Stelter took a look at Clinton's recent book tour and her repeated complaints about the media on Sunday's "Reliable Sources".

Hillary Clinton, in an interview that aired Monday on NPR, said she "would not" rule out questioning the legitimacy of the 2016 election if Russian interference is deeper than now known.

And if Clinton had won the Electoral College while losing the popular vote by 3 million, our politics would be filled with stories about the "legitimacy" of her legislative agenda while Republicans scream that the American people obviously voted for huge tax cuts and Obamacare repeal.

"I've said that since 2000".

This should get Donald Trump firing up the old Twitter account.

"I was sitting listening to a report on the French election and the French political analyst said, 'You know in our country the person with the most votes wins, unlike in yours, ' " she recounted.

Hillary Clinton on Monday would not rule out the possibility of challenging the results of the 2016 presidential election, saying it's clear the Russians influenced the outcome and that the legitimacy of President Trump's victory could be called into question as congressional and independent probes into Russian involvement move forward.

She added: "I think you can raise questions. I just don't think we have a mechanism". Nowhere in the book, however, does she directly question his legitimacy, although she certainly comes close in the 500-page memoir.

Meanwhile, conservative legal organizations would twist themselves into knots trying to find a loophole in the Constitution that would allow for the election to be invalidated. There's no doubt they influenced the election: "We now know more about how they did that", Clinton said.

At another point, in a comment sure to rankle President Trump even further, Clinton suggests that she would not have accepted the election results had she been in Trump's shoes.

So no, Clinton is not going to try to overturn the election.

Vanessa Coleman