Clinton has history of ignoring health and paying a price

A video showed her collapsing as she walked to her auto, and her doctor released a statement later in the day saying the former Secretary of State had been battling pneumonia while on the campaign trail.

Hillary Clinton's pneumonia and concerns about her overall health are being blown out of proportion, said Mayor Bill de Blasio who has known the Democratic presidential nominee for more than a decade.

"I'm now taking my doctor's advice, which was given to me on Friday, that I ignored, to just take some time to get over pneumonia completely", she told CNN.

On Tuesday, Trump again hammered Clinton over the remark in a post on Facebook: "What a disgraceful thing to say about fellow- hard working Americans!"

So here we are, eight weeks until the November 8 election, and Clinton's campaign, promising at last to release detailed medical records, is grappling not only with a sick candidate but with another flare-up of doubt from voters who don't, or at least feel they shouldn't trust her.

"What Hillary Clinton apparently doesn't know is that the people supporting this campaign are hard-working Americans", he said.

With less than four weeks to go until voting registration closes in Pennsylvania, President Obama hit the campaign trail in Philadelphia for his first solo rally on behalf of Hillary Clinton on Tuesday.

"I just hope she gets well and gets back on the trail", he said in a phone interview with Fox & Friends.

"This is a woman who works 20 hours a day and comes into contact with tens of thousands of people and you pick up germs and viruses and things like that and you get exhausted", said Democratic Gov. Dannel Malloy of CT. Shortly after announcing his campaign, Trump said 50 percent of the country doesn't want to work, adding that the other half is exhausted of carrying them.

She then joined a motorcade - without the group of reporters designated to accompany her in public - and continued on to her home in Chappaqua, N.Y., according to campaign spokesman Nick Merrill. It also said Clinton had been put on antibiotics and was advised to rest and modify her schedule before attending Sunday's memorial service. "You're not going to change her at this point in her life".

"He loves this guy", Obama said of Trump's relationship with Putin.

She released a two-page letter from her doctor past year with medical data in it. Mr. Trump has released no substantive information regarding his own health so far and has refused to release his tax returns, which is a normal practice for presidential candidates. Clinton has since apologized for her "grossly generalistic" comments. The other candidate's foundation took money other people gave to his charity and then bought a 6-foot-tall painting of himself.

About 90 minutes after the episode, Clinton emerged and waved to onlookers.

Meanwhile, a new campaign ad released by the Trump campaign focuses on Ms. Clinton's statement that half of his supporters are a "basket of deplorables".

In a speech to the National Guard Association conference in Baltimore, Trump said Clinton's comments were aimed at those in uniform, whether in the military or in law enforcement. She was wearing a wool suit and had been diagnosed with pneumonia on Friday, a fact her campaign had not made public.

While Republicans seized on the secrecy surrounding Clinton's medical record to attack Clinton, even Clinton's allies criticized the Clinton campaign on Monday for lack of transparency.

Vanessa Coleman