Clicking THIS link will crash ANY iPhone

Unsuspecting users then click the link and panic as their iPhone overheats and shutsdown.

The link overloads a user's default mobile browser with a self-generating string of text that fills the browser's address bar. This causes your iPhone to overheat and reboot, but it won't cause any permanent damage. The phone didn't crash, but the website did freeze the app, making it impossible to go to a different URL.

The website has been around since previous year, but began spreading widely on social media again Monday.

The bug reportedly made devices reboot just by receiving a text.

Following the fun users had with the "effective power" iPhone text message bug, people have been sending a link to users of Apple's Safari browser that will crash their iPhones or Macs.

The exploit affects those using Safari on iPhone/iPad and causes an immediate reboot of the iPhone.

The good news is the website doesn't appear to be risky or malicious, just plain old annoying.

Security expert Mikko Hyponen said that others have taken to Twitter with a link shortener to try to fool people into clicking on the browser-breaking link. The website seems to do exactly what it says: If you're visiting this website via Apple's web browser on any iPhone, iPad, or Mac computer, your Safari browser will crash and your hardware may need to be restarted.

Our best advice - if a friend sends you what sounds like a super enticing link, think twice before actually opening it.

Vanessa Coleman