Clay Aiken: Confederate Monuments Must Be Removed

"I just didn't think he was racist", he tweeted. I am a f*****g dumbass.

The former House candidate competed in a 2012 season of "Celebrity Apprentice", hosted by Trump.

Trump was also a key figure in the so-called birtherism movement during the presidency of Barack Obama, a racist non-spiracy that demanded Obama's birth certificate as proof of his American citizenship and, thus, qualification to be president.

The openly gay singer and politician who was the runner-up of American Idol Season 2 and a finalist of The Celebrity Apprentice Season 5, published his tweets after Trump blamed both sides of Charlottesville protestors for the violence that left one anti-racist protestor dead and 19 injured when a white supremacist plowed his auto into a crowd.

As he wrote to one user, "My party is the Democrats".

In a series of strongly worded and increasingly confrontational tweets sent out to his 860,000 followers on Tuesday, Aiken, 38, expressed remorse for his previously held stance on President Trump and revealed that he did not vote for him in the 2016 election. "I don't think he's a racist".

"We say Hillary has no chance of losing, Trump's never going to be President and people continue to say that and they will stay home and it'll end up being like Brexit in England where we end up having a clown President for four years", he said (via Billboard).

Aiken had more to say about Trump, admitting that even though he wrongly believed he wasn't a racist, he "always thought he would be a dumpster fire as a president, and I was right about that".

"I'm apologizing to anyone who may have heard me over the past few months imply that you are an inherently good person".

However, despite a tweet from June 2015, that suggested, punctuated with a winking, tongue-poking smiley, that he might do so as Donald Trump's running mate, Clay Aiken seems very clear about his current position on POTUS's politics and personality.

Though he did not vote for Trump, the previous Celebrity Apprentice contestant did defend him. "And I was right about that".

Remember all those times I defended @realDonaldTrump and believed he was not actually racist?

Vanessa Coleman