Chinese scientists built a 'robot goddess', then made it subservient and insecure

The new robot gal in town is Jia Jia.

Researchers in Beijing have created what internet users in China have dubbed a "robot goddess". Chen added that Jia Jia is not up for commercial mass production yet.

"We hope to develop the robot so it has deep learning abilities", he said at the unveiling on Friday.

Unlike the first prototypes of realistic robots released before, Jia Jia can interact with people, speak and even make facial expressions. She's even programmed to talk to humans using words that are sexist in tone.

And the thing is, Chinese indeed made an impression, the Jia Jia humanoid robot is extremely realistic, coming with a flowing long hair and feminine features, it is hard not to mistake her (The Robot) for a real woman.

This life-like cyborg is the brain-child of Chen Xiaoping and his colleagues at the University of Science and Technology of China, who unveiled the technology today in Hefei, the capital of east China's Anhui Province.

Compared to previous interactive robots, this humanoid has natural eye movement and its speech is in sync with its lip movement. Essential human emotional responses like laughing and crying are not in the robot's repertoire.

There are reports that if someone tries to take a picture of the female robot, Jia Jia, she will instantly ask for some space. And later on, when gawping journalists get up close with their cameras, it jokes: "The photos taken from your angle will make my face look bigger".

The robot will be on show from 21 to 23 April at the 2016 China (Shanghai) International Technology Fair.

The robotics industry has been rapidly advancing and, with the creation of robots that are becoming more and more like humans, it doesn't show any signs of stopping.

A few weeks back, Hong Kong graphic designer Ricky Ma constructed a robot in the likeness of Hollywood actress Scarlett Johansson.

Vanessa Coleman