Chinese journalist loses media accreditation for rolling eyes at fellow reporter

A Chinese reporter's disbelieving look to a fellow journalist's question at the National People's Congress was caught on camera and in no time, it became viral, becoming widely discussed topic.

It was the eye roll that resonated with millions - and broke the internet in China.

Chinese reporter Liang Xiangyi eye-rolled during another reporter's long-winded question at the National People's Congress yesterday and the moment has gone viral.

At a time when the credibility of media professionals is routinely questioned, a Chinese journalist has taken the internet by storm by publicly expressing her displeasure over questions posed by another reporter, who was standing just beside her.

The blue-clad reporter eyed her red-jacketed neighbour with contempt before rolling her eyes and throwing her head backwards in an expression of unbridled disdain.

Reporter Zhang Huijun first introduced herself as the operating director of US -based American Multimedia Television USA before fielding her long-winded question, which mostly summarized China's achievements.

Chinese social media has also been divided into red and blue between supporters of the two journalists. This year, it has drawn heightened attention for a constitutional amendment that abolished term limits for President Xi Jinping.

Zhang works for American Multimedia Television USA, a Los Angeles-based organisation which, according to its website, previously had ties to Chinese state broadcaster CCTV.

By Tuesday afternoon, when Communist party censors stepped in, the reporter's name had become one of the most searched for terms on China's answer to Twitter, Weibo.

Whatever she chooses to do after the conference however, at least one person thinks she should maybe try her hand at acting.

Apparently desperate to stop the incident upsetting their intensely choreographed spectacle, authorities warned Chinese journalists to close their eyes to the eye roll. It that case, this epic eye-roll will have to settle for being second - for which we already know what its reaction will be.

"With this outfit and your meaningful expression, you've left a deep impression in the hearts of the whole nation's people", wrote one of thousands of commenters on her Weibo account, which had soared to over 200,000 followers.

Zhang introduces herself and then asks a long and wordy question to a state council regulator about how "overseas assets of state-owned enterprises will be effectively supervised to prevent the loss of capital from state-owned enterprises".

Yicai Media declined to comment and the NPC press office said they did not know anything about rumours that Liang's press credentials were revoked.

Online commenters were sympathetic to Liang.

It seems like it's the season of eyes on social media!

Vanessa Coleman