China Gets Facebook Colorful Balloons App: Will the Government Call it Out?

The country recently started disrupting messages on Facebook-owned chat platform Whatsapp.

The features of Colourful Balloons are just like those of Facebook's Moments app. It added the arrival of the Moments-like app carried no signs of Facebook, largely helping its successful entry in China.

Facebook's #Mark Zuckerberg discreetly tested the company's new app called "Colorful Balloons", a photo-sharing app that is now under #china's Youge Internet Technology. Rather than interfacing with Facebook, the app works with the country's biggest social network, WeChat. The Times describes this quiet rollout as "unprecedented", and that it demonstrates the effort that tech companies will undertake to try and gain a foothold into China and its population of 700 million internet users.

In a statement to the Times, Facebook did not confirm or deny its involvement with Colorful Balloons.

In one of the email responses, a representative of Facebook replied that the company has always been fascinated with China and were trying to understand and learn in depth the different ways of China.

Amid China's ongoing internet crackdown, Facebook has been able to penetrate the online corridors of the communist nation without its law enforcement authorities learning it.

China follows has strict internet regulations and besides Facebook, Google, Instagram, and YouTube are also banned. This means that Mark Zuckerberg has given up on bringing Facebook to China and that he is willing to partner up with different companies.

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg has spent years courting the potentially lucrative Chinese market: He's given a talk in Mandarin and gone jogging in Tiananmen Square.

Vanessa Coleman