Charles plays doting grandad in rare photo with Prince Louis and Catherine

Prince Charles has promised to tone down his public comments on environmental and other issues if he succeeds his 92-year-old mother, Queen Elizabeth II, as Britain's monarch.

Charles has attracted criticism for decades over his outspoken views and his private communications with government ministers on issues close to his heart, including the environment, GM crops, sustainable agriculture, organic farming, architecture and climate change.

Pigs?" he states in Prince, Son, and Heir: "Charles at 70, which will premiere on BBC One Thursday night.

Such interventions in matters of public debate have stoked concern for those who believe the royals should not get involved in such affairs and worry that, once king, he may not remain above the political fray in the way Queen Elizabeth has.

"No, it won't. I'm not that stupid", said Charles, who is officially known as the Prince of Wales.

She said: "We worked quite a lot with the Prince of Wales, who has incredible taste in specifically classical music, so it was really fun to spend some time going through selections with him".

William suggests in a BBC documentary that he has been "working" to get his father to see Prince George, Princess Charlotte and baby Prince Louis more often.

But as far as home habits go this one is really anything but bad and even understandable considering Prince Charles' lifelong efforts in areas of conservation.

Referring to Charles, Camilla added: "I don't think people realise how kind he is". "I think it was a very... it was a lovely gesture", she says.

"I will take with me, however, so many special memories of Nigeria, and of Lagos, and of your essential place within our Commonwealth Family".

"I would like him to have more time with the children", William said of his dad.

We should clarify that Prince Charles didn't exactly accompany Meghan down the aisle in the role of her father-she made the courageous decision to begin her walk down the aisle of St George's Chapel at Windsor Castle alone. "I think people by now would have been rather fed up if I hadn't, I would have thought," he added.

While Charles said he understood that being king would be different to being heir, he did defend his activism.

Charles' wife, Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall, couldn't see what was said between son and his father at the altar, but says she watched it later on TV.

Vanessa Coleman