Changes Could Be On The Horizon For Net Neutrality

"We support the FCC chair's efforts to review and consider rolling back these rules, and believe that the best way to get fair rules for everyone is for Congress to take action and create regulatory and economic certainty", said Deputy Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders in a White House press briefing. In this case it seems likely that the President is simply deferring to the "wisdom" of FCC boss Ajit Pai, whose policies are quite directly shaped by the large ISPs that used to employ him. Pai has not committed to supporting any form of net neutrality rules and has suggested that ISPs throttling websites might somehow be good for Internet users.

Washington, D.C. -The Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF) urged the FCC to keep in place net neutrality rules, which are essential to prevent cable companies like Comcast and Verizon from controlling, censoring, and discriminating against their subscribers' favorite Internet content.

A group representing major technology firms including Alphabet Inc and Facebook Inc urged the FCC to abandon plans to rescind the rules barring internet service providers from hindering consumer access to web content or offering paid "fast lanes".

The FCC, headed up by Chairman Ajit Pai, has been vocal about its plans to overturn Net Neutrality rulings, which were established in 2015.

Now to back the fight against Net Neutrality strong Tech Giants like Google and Microsoft have joined hands against loosened regulations.

A recent poll conducted Freedman Consulting found Americans overwhelmingly support current net neutrality protections. "Whether it's health care, immigration, climate change, or net neutrality, they want to end the vital protections that safeguard our families and to hand over power to corporations and special interests".

Vanessa Coleman