Carolina Panthers Announce They've Relieved GM Dave Gettleman Of His Duties

Gettleman had faced scrutiny in the past for letting some of the Panthers better players walk.

Nearly a year and a half since their trip to the Super Bowl, the Carolina Panthers have relieved general manager Dave Gettleman of his duties.

Gettleman had been the general manager of the Panthers since 2013.

However, a rift apparently had formed between Gettleman and Jerry Richardson due in large part to negotiations with players.

Norman's reaction to Gettleman's firing was pretty tame.

The news comes as quite a surprise, as the Panthers are set to report to training camp next week. These are some of the potential candidates who could be the team's next general manager. Carolina finished 15-1 record that season. That's underselling it. As the NFL Network's Ian Rapoport pointed out on Twitter, many Panthers employees are on vacation. Like Smith, Williams also harbors bitterness toward Gettleman about his Panthers release.

Gettleman was a Tigers" assistant in 1982 and "83 before serving as head coach in 1984. The Broncos, and 2007 and 2011 Giants won the championship.

The reality is that even the best National Football League general managers won't be flawless on all personnel decisions. A year and a half after the Panthers made a run at going 16-0, Gettleman is out of a job. It's Richardson's right as an owner to run his team however he sees fit, so if he wants a happy feel good clubhouse of overpaid, over stayed fan favorites, have at it.

The team confirmed no agreement by the 4 p.m. EDT Monday deadline.

Vanessa Coleman