Candidates crisscross city ahead of Primary Day

The mailer had charged that she had been "silent on the rise of anti-Semitism" and attempted to link her to the ongoing movement to boycott Israel. I'll tell you who I'm voting for honestly, ' started Schumer before announcing she'd be voting for Cuomo despite that fact that he isn't her 'fav dude'. "Obviously something you guys have reported on a lot and right before the jewish high holidays!"

During her campaign trail in 2008, Hillary Clinton allegedly ate jalapenos like potato chips, and Chrissy Teigen licks the nacho seasoning off Doritos chips, so she gets the flavour, not the carbs.

Though both are supported by prospective gubernatorial candidates, they can win on their own, meaning they can still win the lieutenant governor race if the candidate who backed them doesn't win, which can create a "fascinating dynamic" and possibly "cause tension" in Albany, according to Pehme.

Primary Day in NYC takes place Thursday.

"He is going hard, but I think what that shows is that he is actually scared because he understands that we've got a real hunger for progressive change in NY state and he doesn't have a record to run on", Ms. Nixon said Wednesday on the "Breakfast Club" radio show.

What separates Nixon from Cuomo?

But Nixon believes she can pull off an upset like other insurgent challengers have in Democratic primaries this year. "Know me by my enemies". I heard about the mailer. "I don't want any more corruption", he said. I think the mailer was a mistake. "We have said all along that the mailer was inappropriate and a mistake and have worked with the state party to change the approval process going forward to ensure this never happens again".

Nixon shot back at Cuomo's assertions, saying his claim to not know about the mailer was "patently absurd". "Nothing could be further from the truth", said Nixon. In the process, she would have to explain how she would surmount the tangled politics of the state capital and what she would do for the third largest economy in the United States.

Asked for comment about the Nixon-BDS story pitch, Cuomo's campaign press secretary Abbey Collins said: "The off the record email forwarded to the New York Post contained published articles and publicly available information on Cynthia Nixon's positions on issues concerning Israel sent for the Post's information - those articles have nothing to do with the wrong and inappropriate mail piece that went out and shouldn't have". Along with fellow rapper Despot, El-P is an investor in the well-reviewed New York Jewish deli Frankel's, which is helmed by a sibling duo that includes Alex Frankel of the DFA act Holy Ghost!.

Vanessa Coleman