British IS recruiter Sally Jones killed in U.S. drone strike

Sally "White Widow" Jones - one of the most notorious Islamic terrorists born in Britain - has been killed in a U.S. strike in Syria, U.S. authorities told their British counterparts.

Sally Jones was a "poster woman" for Islamic State whose killing, if confirmed, would represent a significant propaganda blow to the terrorist group.

Referring to reports her son was killed in the strike, he added: "It is a hard one because under the UN Charters he is under the age of what we would classify as a soldier".

Metro reported that in a Twitter post after Hussain's death, Jones claimed she was "proud my husband was killed by the biggest enemy of Allah, may Allah be pleased with him".

Intelligence agencies reportedly kept the hit on the down low as they scrambled to determine if Jones son was also killed.

But US officials told the Sun they could not be certain she had been killed, as they could not collect DNA evidence from the ground.

“Sally Jones was an evil woman who has destroyed our family and I hope she rots in hell, ” the man said. However, despite her various activities in the organization, it was reported in June that she was unhappy in Syria and wished to return to the UK. She is not the only jihadist to be given this nickname, which has also been used for Samantha Lewthwaite - the widow of 7/7 London attacker Germaine Lindsay.

Jones is believed to have recruited hundreds of extremists from the UK. She was a high-value target for the U.S., and on a United Nations sanctions list.

Citing Isis documents, the worldwide Counter Extremism Project said she was responsible for training all European female recruits in tactics including suicide missions.

Jones played guitar and sang in Krunch, an all-girl punk band that experienced some success in the '90s. "Come here I'll do it for you".

Jones began posting rants online wearing black with her face veiled, posing with an AK-47, saying she wants to behead all Christians with a "blunt knife", according to a report in the Daily Mail.

He continued: "Even if he got up to really bad things, he shouldn't have been targeted".

Vanessa Coleman