BMW Falls 7 Floors From Parking Garage, Miraculous Escape For Driver

Shocked bystanders rush to help free the driver from the auto.

Surveillance video from Austin police shows a auto falling seven stories from a downtown parking garage and striking a SUV, landing in an alley.

No serious injuries were reported. The driver of the falling auto survived but suffered serious injuries, while the SUV driver was not hurt and had limited vehicle damage.

Officer say she hit the wrong pedal on the 7th floor of the garage, breaking through the cable wiring linking the outer parking spots.

The other driver, William Burch, was driving a Chevrolet Tahoe, and had finished executing a U-turn.

Local media are reporting the incident was the second time a vehicle has broken through the barriers of the Austin auto park.

The woman was treated at a local hospital. "So I just instantly simply place it in drive and began driving forward and as I began driving forward, the auto arrived on me".

The shocking thing is that there was an SUV, whose driver - as he told the local media - had open windows and heard a unusual noise. The driver managed to escape unharmed.

This is the second incident of a auto going over the edge of the Littlefield Parking Garage; the first occurred less than a year ago when a SUV was caught dangling from the side of the building.

Vanessa Coleman