Blizzard responds to Diablo Immortal controversy with, ‘We hear you’

Some of them are with external partners like Diablo Immortal. Diablo is an important, tentpole franchise for Blizzard. The magnitude of the Diablo Immortal reveal's negativity has escalated much bigger than necessary, but even though that's the case, the response from Blizzard needs to be elevated, too.

The safe bet says that Diablo 4 is being made, though I wouldn't be surprised if it's still many years away. Now, Blizzard denies that any such reveal was planned.

Blizzard has been vocal about having multiple Diablo projects in the works, but we don't know whether or not Immortal is an indication of the future of the series.

Everyone is disappointed and it's expected that this mobile game will not turn out to be a success so we will have to wait to see how Activation tackles this all. "In the end, Diablo Immortal is going to fulfil that, and we think that people are going to experience it, and we think they're going to love it". I completely believe that nobody at Blizzard wants their fans to be upset, but "we hear you" is in the same vein of "please understand;" it's to bide time until the company can announce the cool thing fans have been waiting for.

The announcement comes shortly after the debut of "Call of Duty: Black Ops 4", which was released in October and posted initial sales figures that appeared to fall short of some analyst expectations, while others were more bullish on strong engagement trends. It's literally gutting the game to shape it around the mobile monetization model. Or especially in China where Blizzard is a very, very strong western brand. While we haven't been given an exact release date, the game will be coming in Summer 2019.

GameSpot went hands-on with Diablo Immortal at BlizzCon, and editor Alessandro Fillari was surprisingly impressed by the game in this early stage. Even Nintendo used this tactic previous year, showing nothing more than a logo for Metroid Prime 4 after announcing the 3DS remake Metroid: Samus Returns - and we haven't heard anything about Metroid Prime 4 since then, but fans at least know it's coming.

Vanessa Coleman