"Blended orgasm" device maker calls out CES for award take-back

The hardware firm behind the sex toy is called Lora Dicarlo, and its founder Lora Haddock issued a strong rebuke of CES and its leadership on Tuesday regarding their decision to take back the awarding of the honor, pointing to it as evidence of the ongoing issue of gender-bias in tech.

The Ose, an adult novelty from start-up Lora DiCarlo, initially won a CES Innovation Award, but later had that award rescinded and, according to the company's owner, then told it would not be allowed to exhibit at the show.

They scored it highly enough for it to be among products recognised in the awards, she added.

But don't expect to see numerous new products at CES in the real world anytime soon.

Administrators initially cited a certain rule, saying entries deemed to be "immoral, obscene, indecent, profane, or not keeping with" the organization's image will be disqualified.

TechCrunch reports that CES has also banned DiCarlo from exhibiting at CES. The main point that wireless carriers and device makers wanted to make at the latest iteration of CES is that this lengthy and troublesome deployment is really going to be worth it since it will enable countless new technologies, create millions of jobs, and ultimately boost the global economy by having everything from microwaves and trashcans to vehicle tires and your mother-in-law communicate with the World Wide Web.

Daily Star Online has approached CES and CTA for a response. "We've seen token concessions, like the attempted 50/50 split of female and male keynote speakers in 2019 after an all male lineup in 2017 and 2018 - but sadly it's just cosmetic".

She also notes that the organisers may well believe they had covered off "women's interests" through the other prizes awarded in the 2019 robotics and drones category, including two robotic vacuum cleaners, four children's toys and a shopping companion robot.

The latest and greatest consumer gadgets are about to be unveiled.

Vanessa Coleman