Bethesda Support Leaks Fallout 76 Customer Names, Addresses & Phone Numbers

As Kotaku reports, earlier this week Bethesda's support system started sharing the support tickets of those requesting replacement Fallout 76 bags with other players filing similar tickets. Not just one ticket, but what seemed to be every single one, all being sent to his Bethesda account.

While Bethesda specifies that "full credit card numbers" were not revealed, that proof of purchase info could include receipts with the last few digits of your payment information. Please rest assure I have no desire to stalk you or mess with your Fallout 76 experience. Anyway, I gave Bethesda a heads up via the Twitter. However, the problems extend to support for the game, too. I wouldn't want to be the person having to respond to all of you.

Yesterday, I booted up the game, and it froze and subsequently crashed before I even made it past the main menu. Be nice to each other.

Some of the people submitting tickets to get their replacement Fallout 76 canvas bag have encountered a surprise: they've been given access to parts of Bethesda's support system, including the ability to open and close tickets, as well as check out customer's personal information.

"Bethesda takes the privacy of our customers seriously, and we sincerely apologize for this situation".

The issue has been resolved by Bethesda, who took its support site offline for a while today, but not before it was reported by users on Reddit, on Twitter, and on Bethesda's forums.

The company says it will notify any customers whose messages and photos may have been inadvertently shared. Monitor your email account for suspicious activity and consider deleting sensitive information that may be in your emails or saved in, for example, your Google Drive.

Vanessa Coleman