Beta Theta Pi brothers back in court

Becker, who served as Beta Theta Pi's house manager, is being charged with tampering with evidence.

Bream is the head trainer for the Penn State football team and an assistant athletic director. A retired state trooper says he hasn't been able to serve Bream with a subpoena, despite contacting university lawyers and authorities at the building where Bream works. During a fraternity acceptance party on February 2, 2016, 19-year-old Tim Piazza became drunk and fell during an alcohol-fueled initiation ritual known as "the Gauntlet".

Ambrose said, before DA Parks Miller objected to the question, saying that Bream's role was not relevant as he was not charged in the case.

Bream was not in the courtroom Friday when he was called as a witness by defense attorney Leonard Ambrose.

"He was the captain of the ship", Ambrose said.

Owing to the large number of defendants in the case and the volume of charges against them, the preliminary hearing was spread over five days in the span of three months.

The fraternity itself also faces criminal charges, including voluntary manslaughter and aggravated assault. Sinclair has to determine if there is sufficient evidence to send the case to county court for trial. Two other brothers who have been charged have waived the preliminary hearing.

Scicchitano on Thursday also revealed an ongoing investigation into whether video footage from the fraternity's basement - an area where key events of the night took place - had been deleted.

The person suspected of deleting the footage hasn't been named. Prosecutors hinted that police may file additional charges.

But there was no video from the basement, where Piazza convened with others after the ceremony. He spent much of the night on the couch in evident agony and somehow ended up back in the basement in the early morning, where he was discovered unconscious by other fraternity members.

Detective David Scicchitano said in Centre County Courthouse in Bellefonte, Pa. on Thursday that the footage was deleted two days after Piazza died, according to Penn Live.

Vanessa Coleman