Beck blazes back! Glenn Beck countersuing Tomi Lahren

Lahren sounded truly puzzled that she was sacked for expressing her opinion and soon sued for wrongful termination.

The Blaze said it has invoked what is known in the TV industry as a "pay or play" clause in Lahren's contract, which allows the network to "play" her show, as scheduled, or continue to pay the 24-year-old provocateur without putting her on the air. In a brief filed Monday, Beck and TheBlaze do address her statements on abortion, but claim Lahren was never fired from the network.

"Lahren attempts to portray her appearance on "The View" as the reason her relationship with The Blaze is on the rocks", the claim states.

But Lahren's comments on abortion upset many of her fellow conservatives, including Beck, who suggested that her position on the issue might not be honest.

Beck and The Blaze have since filed a countersuit saying that Lahren hasn't actually been fired.

Lahren expressed that viewpoint during an appearance on "The View" in March, saying she supported abortion rights and, as a Constitutionalist, would be a hypocrite if she didn't.

"When your outlet is taken away from you", Lahren told "Nightline" anchor Byron Pitts in a tearful interview, "when your catharsis is stripped from you and you don't understand why and you're so disappointed and you're so blindsided by it, it hurts". She also said that she received "congratulatory" emails from fellow coworkers at the site.

TheBlaze said they found the lawsuit puzzling as they are still paying Lahren adding that they had complied 'fully with the terms of our agreement with her'. "I can't sit here and be a hypocrite and say I'm for limited government but I think the government should decide what women do with their bodies", Lahren said on the show.

Lahren's contract outlines that it reserves the right to suspend or terminate Lahren for "conduct or involvement in a situation that brings employee into public disrespect, offends the community or any group thereof, or embarrasses or reflects unfavorably on [TheBlaze's] 's reputation". She claims the move is a violation of her two-year employment contract, which doesn't expire until September 30.

At this time, there has been no comment from Lahren or her representation in regards to the countersuit.

"In reality, her employment agreement with TheBlaze remains in full force and effect, she continues to be employed (and paid) by TheBlaze, and she has access to her social media accounts, as well as a Facebook page TheBlaze created and maintains", the countersuit says. TheBlaze says Lahren had an "obligation to not make public statements relating to TheBlaze and her employment without prior approval", and that a pair of social media posts violated the contract.

"In six months, nobody will have heard of you", Lauten said.

After the comment went viral, Lahren and Beck squared off on Twitter over her new, pro-choice stance. Her comments were shocking and disappointing because they demonstrated Lahren was uninformed and unprepared to speak on those issues.

Vanessa Coleman