Battlefield V is Definitely a Thing, Reveal Coming Next Week

Last week, EA and DICE hid the reveal date for Battlefield 2018 inside a cleverly crafted Battlefield 1 Easter Egg.

Actually, it wasn't EA but Trevor Noah, known to many as the host of The Daily Show, who let the cat out of the bag.

Battlefield V has now officially been confirmed by EA with a full reveal scheduled for May 23.

While DICE and Electronic Arts have yet to openly acknowledge any actual gameplay details related to Battlefield V, that hasn't stopped the Internet rumor mill from churning out a steady stream of speculation regarding the forthcoming release. Outside of the confirmation that it will indeed be titled Battlefield V we sdtill haven't got word that it'll be set during World War II.

"The next chapter of EA DICE's groundbreaking all-out war saga is Battlefield V", the teaser sites says.

In addition to Twitter, the studio also posted a YouTube video on the official Battlefield YouTube channel, providing some quick links for fans of the first-person shooter. Could BF5 take place in the future, or will it stay within the present or near future that we've seen from other Battlefield titles?

You can count on several things in life, like death, taxes, and a new Call of Duty game. The studio announced that its Q4 and fiscal year earnings were pretty good for the company.

Battlefield 5 will feature a new mode which will be unique and new challenges, with multiple maps and modes for online multiplayer and single-player campaign. Not only this but a battle royale mode is set to be included. VG247 reported earlier that EA is making some progress in this area, and it's now in the prototype stage.

Vanessa Coleman