B.C. party leaders back on road after first debate

Carole James, the NDP's finance critic, dismissed the Liberal accusations on Wednesday as "fearmongering".

On the issue of tolling bridges, Clark repeated her party's promise to cap tolls at $500 a year per person. "It's really quite incredible to see Christy Clark making these claims after her own credibility has been shredded time after time".

She also attacked Horgan over the cost of his platform, repeating her party's new line of attack that the NDP is papering over a $6-billion hole and repeatedly bringing up the NDP government of the 1990s. The Greens also the dam would merely provide cheap energy to liquefied natural gas (LNG) projects the Liberals are promoting for the B.C. coast.

"If they want to pay a guy to rent a truck and follow me around, that's their business". "All five of them have withstood scrutiny from the auditor general".

A more restrained and smiling Clark stuck to a similar refrain by emphasizing her party's jobs-first platform and warning that the health of the provincial economy would be jeopardized under the leadership of another party. At one point, while arguing with Clark over the cost of the NDP platform, declared the B.C. Liberals were putting forward "alternative facts".

But Clark said a re-elected Liberal government would approve no new taxes for TransLink without the consent of all B.C. voters.

"Certainly we'll leave it up to school boards to decide how they spend this money".

The Liberals have been in power since 2001 and have a released a platform that promises $157 million in new spending over three years above what they already committed to in the government's budget tabled in February.

On MSP premiums, the NDP and Liberals have both pledged to phase them out, although there is now some question on whether the Liberals are fully committed to that aim.

The BC Liberal party isn't forgetting about Delta.

"I think professional electricity planners in that field are better qualified to make the estimates about how much energy we're going to need in 10 years than academics at UBC who are probably not in the field of electricity use at all". "They're exhausted of hearing the same old storylines from the B.C. Liberals". They're also promising to eliminate medical services premiums and freeze BC Hydro rates.

NDP Leader John Horgan says he wants the project sent to the B.C. Utilities Commission for a review on whether it should proceed.

But her main adversary, NDP Leader John Horgan, told listeners on News 1130 in Vancouver that Clark's government has failed the middle-class.

"If you don't have at your core places where people can gather to grow physically, spiritually, culturally, you're not a full community", Horgan said.

Vanessa Coleman