Authorities arrested 3 people after vigil for Georgia Tech student

Georgia Tech released a statement Sunday morning, saying Schultz was a four-year computer engineering student from Lilburn.

A police auto was torched on Monday at the Georgia Institute of Technology after a campus police officer shot and killed a student, and a subsequent protest turned violent. The university has not specified whether the three individuals are students. Intersex is a condition in which a person's physical sex characteristics do not align with typical notions of male and female. After the shooting, investigators found three suicide notes in the student's dorm room, the agency said.

"One police vehicle was damaged and two officers suffered minor injuries", University spokesman Lance Wallace said in a statement. Lynne Schultz asked the paper. Police have said Schultz had a knife and refused commands to stop.

Their mother commented that Schultz had a history of suicidal ideation in high school, and their summer involved some mental health struggles. "One of them was carrying what looked like a pipe". They later clarify and say that it's due to violent protests on campus.

We stand together as a community to say we will not accept police terror and reaffirm our right to defend our humanity against the violence of the state. But 20 minutes later, a group separated from it and started chanting, marching, and even confronting the campus police headquarters.

"That's baffling to me that on a college campus you'd rather give the officers the most deadly weapons and not equip them with less-lethal weapons", Stewart said, noting that Schultz's family is hoping the death leads to changes within the department, including better training.

Police recovered a multi-purpose tool that contained a knife from the scene but found no firearms. Its blade was not extended, according to The Journal Constitution.

Protesters confronted campus police outside of police headquarters, CNN reported, and a video posted on social media showed a campus police vehicle on fire.

Authorities said Mr Shultz was armed with a knife.

It pans away to show another officer walking up from behind as you hear only one gunshot. Another asks, "What's going on, man?"

"It was the first time that I haven't felt safe on campus", said student Charitty Tuttle. Schultz's father, William, boasted that his child was an exceptionally bright student with a 3.9 GPA and was scheduled to graduate in December. Then a sound of a gunshot followed. The officer who shot and killed Schultz was not arrested and charged with murder or manslaughter.

Georgia Tech instructed students to stay inside during the unrest, but later announced that 'the campus has been cleared of any threats'. Police eventually took back control at 11 p.m., and additional patrols were ordered on campus.

Scout Schultz, killed by police officers this past weekend, was president of the Pride Alliance, an LGBTQ student group at Georgia Tech.

Schultz's parents in a statement Monday night called for those who want to protest their son's death to do so peacefully.

"We would not be the organization we are known as without their constant hard work and dedication", the group said, using the slain student's preferred pronoun.

Scout Schultz's activism and memory will forever remain in our spirits, and we express our deepest condolences to those acutely affected by their murder.

Vanessa Coleman