Atlas Rises patch notes reveal new PS4 features

Hello Games's notorious and controversial exploration game, No Man's Sky, has released a massive update on the anniversary of their release date. Despite what the developers originally insisted, it turns out that gamers still do want at least a little direction in their videogames. We knew of Atlas Arises coming, but no one was fully prepared for its 30 hours of new story content.

Entitled Atlas Rises, the update introduces monumental changes and improvements to numerous game's systems, including 30 hours of entirely new story content, new missions, and a barebones form of online multiplayer.

For now, though, that's about all that is known about how to start the Atlas Rises story in No Man's Sky.

Ancient portals can now be activated.

New maintenance interactions mean that mining harvesters need to be repaired/maintained and plants need to be nurtured, adding further depth to this area of the game.

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It pays to be a nosy parker in No Man's Sky. Even so, I enjoyed the game for what it was, and have continued to explore the galaxy off and on throughout the past year, especially after the previous update that added a bunch of great features.

The multiplayer addition to No Man's Sky is very basic: players who run into each other in the vast, procedurally generated galaxy will be able to see each other, but will only appear as little floating orbs.

More details will undoubtedly surface in time since No Man's Sky is easily the largest game space ever created, but the Joint Exploration mechanic sounds like it could potentially be the basis for a more complex feature. No one saw this sudden move incoming from Hello Games, even though Sean Murray told us in advance that the new content update for No Man's Sky will go live anytime this week. In this post, I am going to clear some important doubts No Man's Sky players have about Update 1.3. This tool lets you transform the landscape by subtracting and adding, deciding the shape, size, material, and more.

For the most part, fans are hoping for a cool new array of features, but also, they're equally wary that after such hype, if all they get is the ability to portal jump to another planet it could undo a lot of the goodwill recently clawed back from Hello Games. Now that it has finally arrived, you will be participating in No Man's Sky's multiplayer?

Vanessa Coleman