Arshi wants to be captain

According to recent reports, Priyank Sharma's alleged girlfriend Divya Agarwal, Puneesh Sharma's dad, and Vikas Gupta's mom will enter the show and surprise their kids. Earlier in the show Arshi was seen requesting Vikas to help her in becoming the captain of the house.

Bigg Boss 11 day 65 began with the housemates dancing to "Chota bacha samajh ke" which was a clue to the task that the housemates performed today for captaincy. Bigg Boss introduced a rather interesting task this time - the contestants have been equipped with dolls (which are actually baby figurines of the contestants) and they have double up as full time baby-sitters, with intermediate tasks in between.

In the captaincy task "BB Day care", the garden area of the house was converted into a daycare centre.

At the end of the task only Arshi and Hina were left. But then the preview drops enough hints that Hiten might have changed sides, and if that's true, Arshi will become the next captain.

Shilpa has accumulated a lot of fan following in some of the previous weeks, as, after her fight and conflict with Vikas was resolved, she has slowly built her reputation as one of the most well liked celebrities on the show. Priyank then tells Arshi that he wants to see Vikas' game-plan.

Vikas tried to patch up friendship between Shilpa and Arshi, but the latter asks Shilpa to get lost. Shilpa agrees provided he saves Puneesh later on during nominations. Priyank tells her that Vikas always plots and schemes like that.

In a disturbing video that surfaced online on Wednesday, Bigg Boss 11 contestant Akash Dadlani is seen kissing Shilpa Shinde even as she tries her best to push him away.

Now, with Hina Khan and Arshi Khan as the remaining participants in the task, who do you think will be the next captain of the house? Shilpa tells Arshi that she deserves bad behaviour. When the housemates started making fun of her, Arshi said, "Aise baddimaag to main hoon!" He goes on to apologise to Puneesh for not being able to succeed despite "genuinely trying".

Vanessa Coleman