Arkansas Parents Arrested After Their Newborn Baby Suffered Over 100 Rat Bites

Authorities say the 15-day-old baby had to undergo facial reconstruction surgery after sustaining at least 100 rat bites.

After Erica Shryock, 19, and Charles Elliot, 18, brought their baby to the hospital, they found themselves facing charges for child endangerment. They also said the baby had bite marks on her arms, fingers, face and a huge one on her forehead which resulted in her skull being visible, a KOLR10 News report stated.

In court Wednesday, Shryock and Elliott each got a $15,000 bond and it was ordered that they can not have contact with anyone under the age of 12.

Elliott told police that he and Shyrock woke up at 5 the baby crying and saw blood everywhere and rat footprints in the crib. The new charge is a felony, The Magnolia Reporter reported. They don't have to take responsibility for their actions.

Police went to the residence where they said they saw blood rat footprints, a bloody baby toboggan and a wooden cabinet with rat droppings.

Officials at Arkansas Children's Hospital determined that the bites occurred throughout an extended period.

The statement alleges Elliot told officers the young parents delayed seeking medical care for their child, fearing they would lose the baby.

Elliot and Shryock are being held in the Columbia County Sheriff's Department with no bond, the station reports.

Scared, the couple took their daughter to the hospital where the doctors conducted a reconstructive surgery to close the massive wound to her forehead.

On Tuesday, May 16, police received a doctor's note from a physician at Arkansas Children's Hospital. Investigators allege Shryock and Elliott may have been intoxicated during the rodent attack.

That's what police in Magnolia, Arkansas allegedly found when they investigated a home where a newborn girl had been bitten dozens of times by rodents.

Charles also admitted he knew of the rodent problem, but did nothing about it. The doctor concluded that the parents were either incapacitated or not present when the rodent or rodents continuously bit the girl.

Vanessa Coleman