April's giraffe calf height, weight revealed

Soon the Animal Adventure Park live cam will come down, but it won't be the end of watching April the giraffe and her new calf. However, that will soon change.

The internet-famous baby giraffe, however, still does not have a name, according to Jordan Patch, the owner of Animal Adventure Park, who appeared live on "Good Morning America" today to ask for the public's help in naming the calf. They've confirmed she has a minor leg injury from a misstep on Monday.

Staff at the Animal Adventure Park officially recorded the calf's birth weight as 129lbs with a height of 5ft 9inches.

April the Giraffe, who in a few short months became a global media sensation, gave birth to a boy on Saturday - drawing a mammoth audience on YouTube to rank among the most-viewed live events ever on the video service.

April the Giraffe's newborn calf met his father for the first time Tuesday, days after his long-awaited birth.

April is also recovering well and eating heartily, her keepers report. The zoo began streaming from April's enclosure in February. Millions of people around the world have been tuning in daily.

After months of waiting for April the giraffe to give birth, the only thing left to do now is give that baby a name.

April the giraffe's live stream quickly went from being watched by hundreds to thousands of people.

Fans can submit any name for about 10 days, with an approximate end date of April 25, at nameaprilscalf.com. Oliver, however, will not assist in raising the calf.

The park previously said its plan all along was to disable the camera in the week following the baby's arrival in order to prepare for the park season. A GoFundMe fundraiser page that initially set a goal of $50,000 sat at more than $125,000 on Saturday morning. Animal Adventure Park made a decision to have a fund-raising contest to determine the name of the calf. The money will be used for the care of the animals.

Vanessa Coleman