April the giraffe's calf meets his father for the first time

"He is quite spunky and independent", the zoo said.

The calf, meanwhile, "is quite spunky and independent; perhaps he takes after his father", zookeepers said.

Interest in the new arrival is likely to continue as Animal Adventure plan to hold a public vote to name the new arrival. Each name submission costs $1 with a minimum purchase of five submissions. The winning name will be given to April's new calf.

Funds raised will be split between the Giraffe Conservation Foundation, Ava's Little Heroes and Animal Adventure Park. At that time, the zoo will announce the top 10 submitted names.

"April and calf look great from early morning observations!" the zoo said.

Mama April, who gave birth to a male calf on Saturday, had a "small twist of her leg" on Monday and was favoring it, the park staff explained. The calf stands at 5 feet 9 inches tall, and gained a few pounds overnight, so it's at about 131 pounds.

The owner of the Harpursville, New York-based park was surprised by the success of the giraffe cam that opened the window of April's pregnancy and birth to the world, but he says he certainly understands why.

The calf's spindly legs wobbled as he attempted to stand on its own. We will let fans know on Facebook when we will have the cam back on April and family.

"All is well", the caption reads.

According to Yahoo!, the live stream was the 2nd most live-viewed channel in YouTube history, with 232 million live views, totaling 7.6 billion minutes of live watch.

The YouTube stream, which has been running nearly continuously since February, has been viewed by millions of animal lovers.

Animal Adventure has been in the spotlight for months since launching a live webcam to document and showcase the birth to the world.

Patch said the natural curiosity surrounding giraffes and their birthing process was a huge factor in drawing crowds.

Vanessa Coleman