Apple to launch the iPhone 8 on September 12th?

Aside from potentially featuring five new products, the event will be significant for being the first held at the Steve Jobs Theatre at Apple Park.

A new report shows that Apple will launch its new generation iPhone September 12.

It is expected that Apple will also introduce a new Apple Watch to the Internet LTE, which does not require iPhone to work properly. The Apple iPhone 8 will mark the anniversary edition and is speculated to be the most expensive iPhone ever with the starting price at $1000. The iPhone 8 will be a complete redesign of the current iPhone, with an all glass front and back, an OLED screen with no bezels and a 3D camera for facial recognition to unlock your phone (the home button is being done away with).

But will the new iPhone be able to live up to the hype?

Apple should send the press invites about a week ahead of the event, which makes September 5th a likely date.

Yet, more as of late, iPhone deals have declined, driving Apple to indeed venture up its advancement amusement.

Instinet Nomura analysts claim that Apple will release about 50 million iPhones this quarter, which is 10% more than previous year.

Many analysts see the launch of the iPhone 8 as providing a boost to Apple's market value as the premium model will raise average selling prices.

Apple TV is also expected to get a reboot after two years, with a faster processor capable of downloading and playing 4K content, which runs twice the resolution of a 1080p high-definition video.

Until 2014, Apple largely considered its TV ambitions a hobby.

That was the case for the second Apple Watch that was released. Despite Apple's revamped effort in 2015, sales of the device have lagged competition in the U.S.

Only third-party chargers that are certified by Apple's MFi licensing program will work with the new wirelessly charging iPhones.

Apple has made it a tradition to unveil its new flagship smartphones in September.

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Apple always or almost always sends out invitations to its big even about one week prior to the gala, so during the first week of September those who are invited will likely start getting their invitations. That's right - they think these 10 stocks are even better buys. Aldebaran Financial Inc. now owns 25,732 shares of the iPhone maker's stock worth $3,706,000 after buying an additional 1,255 shares in the last quarter. The fund owned 14,019 shares of the iPhone maker's stock after selling 160 shares during the period. The Motley Fool has a disclosure policy.

Vanessa Coleman