Apple Pay Cash debuts with latest iOS update

"Not to say that things didn't go wrong under his watch, but product announcements and launches felt a lot tighter for sure, as did the overall quality of what Apple was releasing". All in all, it was a welcome update for iOS users - even if they aren't users of Apple Pay Cash or wireless charging. Digital payments were forecast to rise 14% to $3.9 trillion for the same period, the researcher said.

Users can also just simply ask Siri to send someone money which is very convenient.

Square Cash is another Apple Pay Cash rival. But Apple Pay Cash is different.

Head to Settings → Wallet & Apple PayApple Pay Cash, then swipe down below Card Details to find and tap on Verify Identity. The feature lets U.S. users send and receive money through iMessages, similar to Paypal's Venmo, Zelle or Square Cash.

Apple rushed out iOS 11.2 late on Friday night to deal with a severe restart bug, but the update comes with its own issues as well and it might not be the best idea for everyone to upgrade.

Once complete you'll see a confirmation and the Verify Identify option will be gone from the Apple Pay Cash screen. Keep in mind you can only send money to others who have Apple Pay Cash set up. Venmo, which is part of PayPal, allows users to send and receive money, regardless of whether they have an iPhone or Android.

Apple customers who don't already have Apple Pay set up on their supported device can still receive money from friends and family without needing to install a new app or add a card to Wallet. Users of Apple Pay have more than doubled in the past year and annual transactions have risen 4x, Apple said in an earnings call in November.

Apple Pay Cash: Are There Fees?

It's possible that Apple will formally activate Apple Pay Cash later this week. Apple Pay Cash sounds super clutch but we wouldn't recommend deleting your other apps.

Apple Pay Cash: What Devices Support It?

This facility is only available for users in the United States as of now.

Vanessa Coleman