Apple Music reaches 38 Million Paid Subscribers

From there, users can recommend "mood", "genre", "aliases", and other tags to add to Spotify's metadata ecosystem. As Variety reports, users can find the option to "Suggest an edit" by clicking on the three dots found on the right side of any song or artist entry in the streaming desktop app. The South African streaming market is congested, with the likes of Deezer, Google Play Music, and the biggest player in the country Apple Music, all vying for a piece of the streaming pie. "The opportunity here - and it's not just about us, Spotify, labels or artists - is about sheer growth for music streaming, about compensating for that audience gap". "Over the past few months, we've confirmed our beliefs that listeners care deeply about the content on Spotify-they want the data to be useful and accurate", said the company's spokesperson.

The platform is now accepting music metadata suggestions from it users. In contrast, Apple officially discontinued production of the iPod Nano and Shuffle in Jul. 2017 and the company's overarching strategic vision today - and, subsequently, Cue's keynote - seems to lean heavily on news publishers, original video, augmented reality and the App Store, with music a mere drop in the commercial bucket. And if you completely mess up on your hip-hop test, you might have a harder time making your future contributions about the genre count.

The world's largest music streaming service has gone live in South Africa, a day before the company is due to hold a press conference to announce its local launch. Back in mid-2015, when Apple Music debuted, Spotify had 15 million subscribers, so it's grown faster over the past 2.5 years.

Vanessa Coleman