Apple in talks to create "Netflix for news" subscription service

News publishers are also concerned over the lack of access about the customer information from Apple as they would like to use that date to market their products to the customers directly. The service, which some have described as similar to a "Netflix for news", would reportedly have Apple keeping around half of the revenue brought in by subscriptions, with the remaining revenue being split up and distributed to publishers based on content engagement.

This proposed set up has already given several major publishers pause for thought, notably the New York Times and Washington Post which have both withheld from licensing their own content.

Apple is planning to hold a special event on March 25 during which it's expected to share details on its rumoured subscription news service, according to a new report from BuzzFeed.

We've heard the date of 29 March before, but in our estimations we also think that it is likely Apple will host the event closer that date, with a much leaner pre-order period.

On Tuesday a report from The Wall Street Journal detailed Apple's desire to keep 50-percent of the monthly subscription revenue from the program, giving the other 50-percent to publishers. Should the news service take off as a success, offering a year's worth of support is easy. Once again, the source mentions that there will be no new hardware during the event.

Back in late January, The Globe and Mail reported that Steve Maich, the former senior vice-president of publishing at Rogers, will lead Apple's News operation in Canada.

Apple, for its part, has not commented on the claims.

Apple CEO Tim Cook recently teased that "new services" from Apple are coming in 2019 during an interview with CNBC's Jim Cramer. As well, the report claims that publishers "likely" won't be given access to the data gathered on subscribers, which may make it more hard for them to market themselves to readers.

Vanessa Coleman