Apple AR glasses could go on sale in 2020

IT'S NO SECRET that Apple is dabbling in the world of augmented reality (AR) hardware, but a new report claims it could release its first headset as early as in 2020.

In an investors note seen by Apple Insider, Kuo reportedly said mass production will begin in the fourth quarter of 2019, though that start date could stretch into the beginning 2020.

There have been rumblings of Apple working on some sort of augmented reality headset for months, and that's something that has gained more traction as more advanced AR features have been added to iPhones and iPads.

We're also anxious the battery of existing iPhones may not be able to power both the handset and headset for very long, but perhaps Apple will think of that and release a mobile device this year with a jumbo-sized cell.

However, this instantly might raise battery concerns of the iPhone, but it can also be believed that Apple's next bionic chipset preferably the A13 Bionic chip will assuredly be more compelling and superior in handling the required AR stuff for the Apple's AR product, which includes computing, internet connectivity, and location services. However, both headsets from Microsoft and Magic Leap are expensive. Apple's patent suggests the phone would simply have to be near the headset to function. "It is assumed that the pairing will work wirelessly", 9To5Mac reported on Friday.

Of course, the prospect of buying an iPhone to get AR apps and games may be too much of a expense for most people - which is why Apple may be about to resurrect the iPod Touch with a modern A12 processor.

Apart from a new range of ThinkPad and Chromebook laptops, Lenovo also unveiled Yoga ANC headphones designed for immersive entertainment or productivity.

In 2015, Apple bought Metaio, a German company that developed an Augmented Reality SDK that seems to be the basis for ARKit, the Apple Augmented Reality developer API that debuted in iOS 11 in 2017.

Apple's debut augmented reality (AR) glasses will likely work with the iPhone for rendering and computing. With this type of progress, Apple would be launching a device revolutionized and innovated, something we asked the company after the latest releases.

Vanessa Coleman