Antibiotic Awareness Week-be part of the solution

Instead, AVMA supports selecting "the right antibiotic, administered in the right way, to the right patient" as "the best way to protect the health of our animal patients and that of the public". The implications could never be more real in Asia where, if no immediate action is taken, about 5 million people are projected to die annually by 2050 of conditions linked to bacterial infections that have become resistant to antibiotics.

According to the Ministry of Health and Child Care, the commemorations are running from today until Friday under the theme: Seek advice from a qualified healthcare professional before taking antibiotics. Consumers are also driving the demand for meat raised without routine use of antibiotics, with some major food chains adopting "antibiotic-free" policies for their meat supplies.

Many countries have already taken action to reduce the use of antibiotics in food-producing animals.

- Tyson Foods Inc, the largest chicken processor in the US, has stopped using antibiotics to produce its retail line of chicken.

HQI, VDH, and VHHA co-chair Virginia's Healthcare-Associated Infections (HAI) Advisory Council.

While, antibiotic resistance is the ability of bacteria to survive treatment with antibiotics, antimicrobial resistance is the general term for drug resistance of microbes. VHHA livestreamed that event on Facebook; the recording can be viewed here.

Helperby's Antibiotic Resistance Breakers rejuvenate existing antibiotics, enabling them to puncture the tough cell wall of CRE and other evolving superbugs to allow existing last-resort antibiotics to effectively do their work. "We can all minimize our risk of illness by taking these simple preventive actions-washing our hands, getting an annual flu shot and staying home when ill".

Alternative options to using antibiotics for disease prevention in animals include improving hygiene, better use of vaccination, and changes in animal housing and husbandry practices.

"As the Medicare-funded Quality Innovation Network-Quality Improvement Organization for Virginia, we are assisting clinicians across the state as they implement antibiotic stewardship programs in their facilities", added Donald A. Glozer, MHA, FACHE, President and CEO of Health Quality Innovators.

In the lead-up to World Antibiotic Awareness Week, the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO), WHO, and the World Organization for Animal Health (OIE) are together calling for responsible use of antibiotics in humans and animals to reduce the emergence of antibiotic resistance.

"The correct use of our antibiotic arsenal is something in which everyone can help".

Vanessa Coleman